(National Electrostatics Corporation)

National Electrostatics Corporation (NEC) is the world's leader in the manufacture of electrostatic ion beam accelerator systems. A private, employee-owned company, NEC was incorporated in Middleton, Wisconsin in 1965 and now has over 90 employees including electrical and mechanical engineers, ion beam system technicians, craftsmen, and other skilled workers. Five of our employees hold doctorates in fields related to ion beam research and design. A wide range of vacuum components and beam handling components has also been developed with the Pelletron accelerators over the last 40 years. Ion sources, vibration isolators for vacuum pumps, Faraday cups, beam profile monitors, and many other components have proven to be reliable with extensive use in 44 countries





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NEC(National Electrostatics Corporation)

United States of America

Ion Beam System , Vacuum components , Ion beam components .


Modular Structure Modular construction allows flexibility to meet design requirements beyond 25 MV. Strength Support posts are very strong mechanically and withstand rapid temperature variation without damage. .....