NIPPON ALEPH CORPORATION is the world's leading reed switches, relays, sensors and security (Security) the internationalization of enterprise products. NIPPON ALEPH has always been [to improve customer satisfaction for the purpose to improve the quality system approach], continuous research and development to produce a single beam, dual-beam and four-beam infrared detector products, as well as different specifications of the door Magnetron window switches, sensors, the number of products to meet dozens of varieties. In addition, Japan has a wide range of the latest surface treatment technology and electroplating technology, high-tech electronics industry for providing reliable, high-quality service.






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Reed Switch


Photo Sensor

Reed Switch is composed of elastic reed magnetic material, reed sealed in an inert gas filled glass tube. When the magnet or electromagnet coil produce magnetic field to switch, two reeds of the Reed Switch are magnetized and reaches the circuit switching function.

By light emitting component and light receiving component, a light emitting component by component induction by light. When the object is detected by the light shading, so as to realize the detection function.

Flow Sensor


Proximity Sensor

Controller for controlling water flow.

Proximity sensor is a sensor for the purpose of detecting the object without the contact of the detection object, instead of the limit switch and the like

Level Sensor



When the liquid level rises, the float also rises accordingly, when the level of the liquid level decreases correspondingly, when the rising or falling to the set position, the ball has a magnet. When the magnet is close to the internal switch, the contact of the switch is switched on or off.