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Hakuto is one of the subsidiaries of Hakuto Co., Ltd. In Japan (1st session, Tokyo stock exchange #7433). Hakuto has more than 40 years' solid experience in electronics and semi-conductor field since 1973. Hakuto is a good partner of electronics product provider and distributor of high-technology products around the world. With the unique advantage of CEPA between Hong Kong and China, Hakuto further enhance our present in China and established Hakuto Trading (Shenzhen) Ltd in 2005. With the strong reinforcement of our holding company and our efficient network in China, Hakuto aim to maintain as one of the leading suppliers in China.


Business Goal
We offer a diversified product portfolio ranged from electronics devices and components to advanced industrial equipment.  All of our products must create value and contribute to our valued customer's business. Hakuto committed to provide reliable products and excellent technical service to our valued customers.


Technical Support and Services
Hakuto continues to expand our support network and strike for service excellence.  We persist in training for our product specialists.  We offer professional advises for project development and deliver qualified service.  Our products development engineers provide their professional knowledge to develop design-in project with the cooperation of our valuable customers. We also established service points for vacuum equipment and refrigerant mixing facility in our factory.


Business Strategy
Hakuto continuously identifies the market trend, source new proven products from suppliers around the world. Provide technical guidance and service to customers, and improve seamlessly with suppliers. Strengthen sales and service forces aim to provide the solution that match customer needed, and enhance their business experience.