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To:      Our valued customer


Re:      Fictitious Emails regarding Change of Bank Account information


Please be informed that our company recently had found fraudster pretended our staff and sent fictitious emails to our customers, claiming that our bank account information has been changed and requesting our customers to credit the amount payable to the designated fraudulent bank account.


If you receive any suspicious email from any of our staff who request transfer of money from various reasons to a new bank account, please immediately contact our sales person in charge or Ms. Canis Wong (direct telephone number 852-2512 5704), either by a telephone call or face to face enquiry, to verify the content of emails.


In regards to any important notification of payment method, our company should send official notice with signature and company chop to each customer.


Our company is reviewing and implementing procedures to prevent such incidents from recurring. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


Yours faithfully,


Takeshi Inaba

Board of Directors

Hakuto Enterprises Ltd.




In Japan headquarters also has "spoofing mail" happen


Attention, Please be careful about the "spoofing mail" using our president name.


It is checked that "spoofing mail" using our president name is sent by someone improperly.


The mail is pretending to be outgoing from us, but we inform you that we do not have any relation with the sender of the mail and its contents.


If an answer and a question are performed carelessly on the said mail, there is also danger of a cheat act and virus infection, so we would like to ask you to delete promptly.


【Example of spoofing mail concerned】

From: Hakuto Co., Ltd [mailto:ryusabrosugimto@hakutocoltd.com]

Subject: Engagement


Are you accepting new client? if you are interested, we shall forward you the adverse party information for your conflict check.




Ryusaburo Sugimoto

President,Hakuto Co., Ltd.

Corporate Headquarters

1-13, Shinjuku 1-chome, Shinjuku-ku,

Tokyo 160-8910, Japan

Tel: 81-3-3225-8910